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I am Visual Designer, I draw logos & I create identity package design

  • 2009-09-01

    Designer @Avangate

    Avangate provides an advanced eCommerce platform, channel management and affiliate solutions. My job was to create interface concepts regarding our clients requests and product needs. As a designer I also created and participated in projects for branding, logo design printing and web marketing materials At Avangate I had the opportunity to participate in several projects for important clients like: HP, Bitdefender, myFICO, Avast, Avira, Kaspersky etc

  • 2015-04-28

    Menisto – Branding and Logo design

    For Menisto I created the logo concept and web site customisation, printing materials, email newsletter template, icon design etc

  • 2016-08-28

    Joy Therapy – Logo design and website customisation

    JoyTherapy is a group of psychotherapists trained to help kids who suffer from ADHD.
    Their effort brings a smile for the children they play with so I created a logo design that emphasis the joy, the ludic moments they spend together and the happiness. The logo is made of symbols like:
    - the font is similar to Disney fonts
    - the face of a happy child
    - the letter "Y" is meant to look as close as possible to the "psy" symbol - the symbol for psychotherapy

  • 2016-11-10

    Scrum Poker Cards – Print Design

    PM Access is a company that offers customised training, workshops & consultancy for different companies. They requested a set of "Scrum Poker Cards", special cards used for "Agile - Scrum for Teams", in planing workshops and briefing technical details for working teams. I illustrated the concept for the cards and for the package.


  • Brief the request

  • Sketching ideas

  • Add colours

  • Mockup

    on different objects and contexts

  • Deliverable Package

    all resources requested and needed for your business

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Icon Design

Long shadow icons, I think it was a short trend in this visual effect. This is a great practice of shadow and light and symbols.

I’m using those icons in various personal presentations.

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Icon design

I was working to create a big set of icons for a chemistry lab mobile application.

The challenge was to draw symbols that relate to the activity and objects from a laboratory, for that I did research among medical personal, pharmaceutic laboratory researchers.

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